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Manzano, Josep
Josep holds a degree in chemical engineering and MSc degree in environmental engineering and product management, and has spent the last decade working on international projects within the water sector; both clean water and wastewater. As process engineer at OxyMem Ltd, he specialises on advanced MABR technology; a low energy, high efficiency process solution for the reduction of wastewater pollutants. With a desire to assist clients with their environmental and sustainable goals, be it carbon footprint or low impact wastewater solutions for receiving water bodies, Josep spent considerable time in one of Spain's R&D center and in 2019 he took up a position with OxyMem, the first mover in MABR bubble-less aeration technology. Josep holds expertise in both the latest MABR and more traditional IFAS solutions to assists operators and end users as they assess how best to optimise their treatment plants