What is Access Water?
Access Water is a powerful new platform from WEF with over 20,000 pieces of technical content including Conference Proceedings, Fact Sheets, Technical Reports, Articles, Books and more! Plus, new content is added regularly. The platform allows customers to easily search, discover, cite, customize, and discuss this content.
Search – The system searches on a variety of options including keyword, topic, title, author, committee, content type, publication source, date, item number and more!
Discover – Because of the powerful search capability, it makes discovering content that is specific to the customer’s need, possible!
Cite – For those needing to reference the material they find in the system, the cite feature makes it easy! You simply click on the citation icon, and you receive all relevant information on the document that can be used in your research materials. Plus, you have options for Web, Chicago and MLA formats.
Customize – Access Water allows you to make notes on content, highlight, cut/ paste into a new document with citations coming with the copy/ paste, and build your own library.
Discuss – Each piece of content has the ability to discuss the content. This allows users to connect with others in their community on the various items in the system.
How is Access Water different than how I get my content currently?
The Access Water platform allows customers to find and use content in a variety of new ways. You can search on a multitude of criteria, cite content, makes digital notes on content, create a personal library of content, and join communities on content.
Can I still access member content online at WEF.org?
Yes, any content that was free to members on WEF.org is still free on WEF.org.
What is the difference between “My purchases”, “My subscriptions” and “My Library”
“My purchases” are where your most recent purchases are listed. You can retrieve receipts that include the items purchased. “My subscriptions” is where you can find the subscriptions you have access to. And “My library” is where the items you have added to your library are stored.
Can I buy just a chapter of a book?
Yes, all books on Access Water are available to purchase as a whole or at the chapter level.
How do I search the Access Water platform?
The best way to search for content on Access Water is to start at “Explore Content”. Here you have powerful and dynamic options for searching the platform. First, you can select from a variety of Content Types such as Fact Sheets, Technical Reports, Articles, Digital Books and Conference Proceedings. You can further filter your search using the “Content Source” options. Date ranges, keywords and more can help you further filter your search results. Next, you have options to search the Text, Title, Author, Keyword, Date, and more! For more detailed information on how to perform a search, visit the
“Search” section
on Access Water.
What’s coming to the site?
WEF regularly adds content to the site. Currently there is no specific schedule. However, Conference Proceedings are added within 30 days of the close of the conference.
Where do I find WEF Publications if I want to purchase a physical book?
You can purchase WEF publications on www.e-wef.org.
What is the difference between an e-book and a digital book?
An e-book is meant to be read on an e-reader device or via the reader’s app. Digital books like those found on Access Water can be purchased as one item or by chapter. They can be added to an online library and have discussion areas for each. The user can also make notes at all levels including on a word, a sentence, a paragraph, a chapter, etc. Much like e-books, digital books can be read on a desktop, laptop, phone or other digital device.
How do I look up the citation?
Every item on Access Water includes a citation icon in the bottom right corner that looks like quotation marks.
Purchasing and Order Status
What are the purchase options for Access Water?
Pay-as-you-go: Customers can purchase items individually on a pay-as-you-go basis. Members receive a discount on all items on Access Water
Subscription: Content can be purchased via an Annual Subscription.
Member-only content: Select items are free to WEF members including the Proceedings Archive which includes conference papers from WEFTEC and WEF’s Specialty Conferences that are five years or older. Simply login and any items
Freely available: Some items are freely available to members and non-members. These are indicated by the ‘open’ padlock in the top right corner of the content. Some examples of freely available content include Fact Sheets, select Technical Reports,
What are the prices for content on the site?
Most items on Access Water can be purchased on a pay-as-you-go basis and range in price. WEF Members receive a discount on all items on Access Water but must be logged in to receive the member discount.
What is the price for a subscription?
Through December 31, 2020, WEF Members receive the annual subscription at an introductory rate of $299. Non-WEF members receive the subscription at a rate of $499. On January 1, 2021, rates are $499 for WEF Members and $699 for Non-WEF members.
How long will the introductory rate last?
The introductory member rate of $299 and nonmember rate of $499 are good until December 31, 2020. The regular member rate of $499 and nonmember rate of $699 will go into effect January 1, 2021.
Do I receive a receipt for my purchase?
When you place your order on AccessWater.org. you will receive a receipt via email.
Where do I check my order history?
To see your most recent purchases, you can click on your account drop down menu and then select “My Purchases”.
Do I need to be a WEF member to purchase?
No, anyone can purchase on AccessWater.org. WEF members do receive a discount on items on Access Water as well as on the annual subscription. Plus, there are several items free to WEF members.
What items on the site are free to members?
Fact Sheets, select Technical Reports, select books and book chapters as well as the Proceedings Archive are free to members on Access Water. The Proceedings Archive includes conference proceedings from WEFTEC and WEF speciality conferences that are 5 years or older.
What items on the site are free to non-WEF members?
Water professionals receive access to all Fact Sheets and a select number of Technical Publications. The items that have a open-padlock icon are the ones that are freely available.
What is included in the Proceedings Archive?
The Conference Proceedings Archive includes all WEFTEC and WEF Specialty Conferences that are five years or older.
How do I change my user name and/ or password?
You can change your user name and/ or password [THIS IS THE SAME PROCESS AS ALL WEF MEMBERS/ NONMEMBERS]
Do I have to log in in order to receive freely available content?
No, currently you do not need to log in to view freely available content. However, to use the personalization features of Access Water, you will need to login or create an account.
What is the refund policy?
Because the content on Access Water is digital in nature, there are no refunds available. However, for subscriptions, some exceptions will be made based on usage. Your request can be sent to support@accesswater.org.
What is the transfer policy?
If you have a subscription purchased by your organization, you can transfer it to another individual in your organization. Your request can be sent to support@accesswater.org.
Do you offer academic/ corporate subscriptions?
Yes, academic institutions and corporations can purchase subscriptions. Pricing for tiers is listed below. To place an order, direct customers to Andrea Cale.
Academic/Utility/Government <=1000 FTE
Academic/Utility/Government 1001-20,000 FTE
Academic /Utility/Government 20,001 > FTE
Corporate <= 1000 FTE
Corporate - 1001-20.000 FTE
Corporate - 20001 > FTE
Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, WEF accepts AMEX, Visa, and MasterCard. Plus, you can pay by PayPal.
Can I use a Gift Certificate?
At this time, no gift cards or gift certificates are eligible for use on the Access Water platform.
What are your payment methods?
Currently you can purchase via American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Paypal. Check and purchase order options will be added at a later date.
What do I get with a subscription?
All content except books (Manual of Practice, Technical Publications) are available as part of a one-year Annual Subscription. This includes Fact Sheets, Technical Reports, Conference Proceedings, Articles, Compilations and more!
How do I renew my subscription?
When you place your subscription order on Access Water, you will automatically be enrolled in the renewal program. You will be alerted 60, 30 and 15 days from when your subscription is coming up for renewal. Unless you opt out, you will be charged for another year of service.